Monday, May 24, 2010

Do birds burp?

This is weird you asked this -
I dreamed last night that I had the proverbial bird in the hand and the little bastard pecked me-
I think i heard him burp as he was choking on my flesh.
That's the stupidest question that I have heard in a long time. Who really cares??? But to answer question I am going to say yes that a bird does burp because it eats and poops so that means that it has some kind of acid in its stomach that would probably make it burp.
You have way too much time on your hands!
they indeed can burp.remember, they regurgitate their food to feed their young.
as pope john paul always says, if it has a mouth, it burps
Birds have a different digestive system than humans, but they do have an esophagus and are capable of burping. (If you meant burp as in belch, not burp as in regurgitate)
as stated by an avian vetranarian in birdtalk magazine a few months back " birds do not have the ability to burp, pass gas, cough or hicup" if the bird is burping it has mostlikly picked up on the sound and is imitating the sound but they can not due to phsyical makeup of their bodies burp.
Yes. With their esophogus. I have never personally heard one burp however, and have never had anyone tell me they have heard such a thing either.

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