Monday, May 24, 2010

Do parakeets need anything given to them after antibiotic treatment?

I read somewhere that they need something (like Bene-Bac?) to replace the healthy bacteria in their digestive systems. If it's not true, can I resume the normal vitamin supplements?
If you are feeding your bird right, you shouldn't need any vitamin supplements. Besides anything you put in the water breeds bacteria 20 mins after you put it in the water any way!
Feed veggies and add some yogurt once a week to the veggies and that will give the bird enough gram pos rods to keep them good.
Benebac should have been given while it was on antibotics not now, geesh!!
Good Luck!

Do parakeets need a UV Light?

I only have one, and she's an adult. Is it necessary? If yes, how should it be positioned, and how much wattage is needed? How long should it be on each day? Is there a brand that's better than others, or are they all pretty much the same? How far from her cage would you suggest it be?
Actually, all indoor birds need a good quality UV lamp for a myriad of reasons. Birds use light to regulate their biological clock for breeding and molting, it helps regulate their metabolism, they need it to make and process Vitamin D and it helps to strengthen their immune system. You'll typically find that a bird's coloring becomes richer and more pronounced with proper UV lighting as well.
Contrary to popular belief, putting the cage next to a window will not expose a bird to UV rays. Our windows are made to filter UV rays out so that they are more energy efficient.
Here's a link to an article that I got the most use from when I was doing research on UV lights. It will answer all the questions you had including those about brands and wattage.
Hope this hepls!
In general the answer to your question is no. How ever if you can put it's cage near a window. This way she can get soem natural light.
you should want one when winter comes..they like 2stay warm. it should at lest be 12inch away from its cage...i had a uv light with my parakeets until they died(cat got to them)and im srry i dont remember the brand of it
uv lights are only for birds who are breeding if you only have one i dont think thats the case

Do my parakeets have to be tamed when I'm clipping their wings myself?

I have three parakeets which I want to have have wings clipped so that I can tame them. I saerched and it said that it is easier to tame when they have clipped wings...
They don't have to be tamefor you to clip their wings, and yes it is true that they are easier to tame when they have clipped wings [not only that, but it's much much safer for them aswell]. If this is your first time though have a vet or someone who knows what they're doing show you. You don't want to clip the wrong feathers, and possibly even clip blood feathers causing in bleeding.
It sounds like what you're asking is whether they need to be tame in order to clip them, but at the same time wondering how you will be able to clip them if they are not already tame. Is that it? If so, I will do my best to answer.
First of all and most IMPORTANT: I must say that wing clipping is to be done by an EXPERIENCED person, NOT BY YOU unless you know how to do it properly. From the sound of your question, I don't think you have that much experience with birds and have NO business attempting to clip them yourself. You should check with a vet, bird breeder or possibly the pet store personnel to get the wings clipped.
Now to answer your question, they do not have to already be tame in order for you to clip them but by clipping their wings you will be able to play with them more and hopefully this will help you to tame them. Because they will be unable to fly (for a period of 4-6 months until new feathers begin growing), they will learn that they have to rely on you to get anywhere.
You can take them out of the cage and play with them on the floor. This should be done with each bird SEPARATELY and for not much longer than 15-20 minutes at a time, per bird, because they do not have long attention spans. You can do this with each one 2 or 3 times per day, depending on how much time you have to spend with them. AND, please do not use gloves when removing them from their cage. Gloves only make your hand larger and more intimidating to the bird. You should first try getting the bird to step onto your finger by slowly putting your hand in and allowing them to get used to it. If all they do is thrash around like crazy, and bite you when you try to pick them up, try using a face cloth to take them out of the cage and sit them on the floor in the training area, which should be away from the comfort of their cage. Go to into a small room such as a bathroom (toilet lid DOWN please) or a walk-in closet for the training sessions.
You can go to a bookstore, library or online and find lots of information on bird training because there is way too much to tell you here. I hope that I have answered your question just a little bit though and wish you good luck with your FIDS (feathered kids).
If you have never done this before, I would recomend that you have someone else show you the proper way to clip them. If you try it yourself, you may cut a blood vein feather that you may have a difficult time stopping from bleeding. And about them being easier to tame, i dont know about that... I think the younger they are when you get them, and the more time you spend with them the more tamer they get. You have to devote a lot of time with them in order for them to become tamed. Good luck with your Birdys

Do moth balls send birds away ar harm them?

I have a garden with a lot of finches in it, the problem is the neighbor's cat. I would like to know if I put moth balls down if it will hurt the birds or send them away.
Moth balls are the ideal way to keep cats out of your garden,I use them with great success if you can get a muslin bag put the moth ball in hang it on a lower branch if you have trees or pin the bag to your fence you can also attach it to a cane as long as you place where the cat has to pass by and the birds can't peck at it..
mothballs are toxic so it would not be advisable, a safer bet would be ground black pepper like you find at the table,or sprinkle hot pepper flaks around the garden. a last resort would be useing amonia, I say last resort because for indoor birds it can be harmful but I am unsure of outside.
could be if the birds could see them but I never have

Do male cockatiels masterbate?

my tiel is rubbing against his perch while looking in the mirror, he is also making quiet chirping noises, he usually does it in the morning when he still covered. will he stop doing this? he has been aggresive for a week
My tiel is very active with his perch also seems to be more often in the mornings I dont have a mirror in his cage so don't think that has anything to do with it Georgie is 10yrs old
He thinks that there's another bird in there with him and he's bonded to it. If you want him to stop you'd have to take the mirror out. I would take the mirror out either way. They tend to bond to their reflections, and not their owners.
Yes, they do.
I also have one that does it. He leers at the females and does it to a rope perch. The other tiels in the aviary all run away when he's doing it. Not pretty. Kind of like a dog that humps things.
Just give him his privacy, until the chirping stops. He's obviously busy. He may be less aggressive if you stop with the birdus interuptus...

Do indian ringnecks make gr8 pets??

I am looking at getting an indianringneck but some people said the ringnecks don't make a gr8 pets.I have a conure and they will not share a thoughts are can a conure and ringneck exist in the same house not the same cage...they will get love equals amount but won't be out at the same time... any thoughts.
John said it best.Please do your research before getting this bird.They are great talkers but in my opinion they are not a beginner bird .I had to rehome my female ringneck as she kept trying to kill my cockatiels. Females tend to be more agressive than males.Thats not to say you shouldnt get one but be forwarned and do your homework first. I placed mine in a wonderful home with another ringneck and they get along great. Good luck!
These are lovely birds. They seem to be closer to the wildl than other parrots so must be handled daily or they will quickly become fearful and hesitant. A bird is as good a pet as the owner is. If you have enough love and time to care for 2 birds, you will be fine.
I have an indian ringneck. Be warned they are extremely loud birds. I've read that they can be some of the most difficult birds to tame. My bird was a rescue and she was abused by her former owners and it's taken me a long time to reestablish trust in people. I've had her for a year now. I still have some problems with her but we are slowly making progress. I have a love bird and a cockatiel also. All the birds are housed separately. The lovebird and the ringneck love each other and kiss and act very affectionate towards each other when I let them out together. It's actually pretty funny to watch them. Neither one fo them like the cockatiel though and I have to take her out separately from the other birds. I have a friend that has a ringneck and she's tame but she only likes him. She won't let anyone else handle her. Ringnecks from my experience take a lot of patience and daily work. Any way hope that helps.

Do I have to let my parakeets out of their cage?

My paranets don't want me to let them out of their cage inside but I said that they have to.If I do,how many times a week?
Yes it's true that you have to let them out once in a while.But the minimum that you have to let them out is 2 days per week.
I let my parakeets out 6 times a week.They have lots of fun flying around our house.
Good Luck:)
Be careful in allowing your birds out of their cage. If they are not accustomed to flying they will fly into things and harm themselves. You can have their wings clipped. This does not harm them.
I do allow mine out and their wings have grown back but they have learned to navigate very nicely. They love to fly.
I let mine out once per day. I have four parakeets and two doves.
If you just leave their door open for awhile and walk away (stay in the same room of course) they may come out on their own. Please don't leave the room when they are out. Be patient, they may be timid at first and it may take some time for them to come out. Be consistent and do this at the same time every day so it becomes routine to them.

Also be sure there is nothing they can harm themselves on such as a hot stove. Toilet seats should also be down so that they don't fall in and drown. You need to use caution with this.
Enjoy your parakeets, they are fun. Good luck!
you should so they don't bite!! mabey three times a week!
all birds need out of cage time. They need at least 4 hours a day. You also need to spend time with them out of their cage, training and playing with them.
Birds are not like hamsters and ginea pigs, they need to be out of their cage on a daily basis and interaction with their "flock".
Your bird should have at least two perches in the cage with at least three different toys. the cage should also be big enough for your bird to spread it's wings and not touch any sides. The wings should also be clipped as well as nails trimmed on a regular basis.
If these requirements aren't something you can't do then you need to find a new owner for your bird(s).
Yes,you should let them out on a daily basis for a period of time.
you don't have to, but you definitely should.
well i don't think you have to let them out. its up to you.
i used to have two of them and i would never let them just have run of the house, but i would handle them daily. if you get their wings clipped they cannot fly ask much. its more like a jump with the flap of the wings. maybe your parents wouldn't mind it as much if they couldn't actually fly around the house. and its alot safer for the bird if they are clipped.
My mom has 4 parakeets and the cage is always open from 5:30 am until around 10 pm at night everyday and they are free to roam. They go in and out of the cage on there own and perch on things and get into things! So just make sure there is nothing that is poisonous like plants or something that they can eat, because they will try to eat it!
are they tame? can you get them back in the cage without having to net them?
you don't have any cats or dogs or small children that could harm them in the house right?
keep i n mind that when you let them out for the first time that they could start flying into the walls because they have not established a safe place to land yet.
i used to have my 15 finches free flying in the house, what a mess lol but they absolutely loved it! my husband built them many things that we hung on the wall or from the ceiling that they could land on, with a wide variety of perches to excercise their feet. wonderful excercise for them, although we had to live with the fear that thye could get out the door whenever we came home or left. they are now ina pretty big cage, but they hate it as they are used to having the run of the house, but boy, did it make it hard to clean up or let alone cook!
they would land on my salad bowl when i was making it, would eat it with me as well lol, too cute. but anytime we used the stove or oven, had to have hubby there to guard it while i tried to cook. luckily we never lost one out the door and had no cooking accidents.

good luck to you and your keets :)

if your parents are really adament about not letting them out of the cage, then maybe you could save up your $$ and but them a bigger cage.
also have a wide variety of toys and stuff to chew on for them, appropriate for parakeets.
and like they person one up from me said, make sure there are no poisonous plants or any other hazards, like fish tanks with out lids that they can get into
Is this a serious question? Were these birds purchased as ornatmental birds or as pets?
Is it your parents responsibility to take care of animals and properly have the wings clipped so that they birds do not fly all over the house and put their fecal matter everywhere they can. It also allows you to keep the birds where you want them and control where they are, just like keeping a child in a play pen. It keeps them from harm, like a ceiling fan, flying into windows, and chewing on window sills and toxic plants.
I automatically asumed that when your parents bought the birds that this is what they signed on for!! Of course birds should be out of their cage, just like your parents like to be out of their house, and have a life, so should your birds. On a daily basis.
Look at it this way, how would you like to be locked up in a cage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not fun eh? The birds like it even less. But they are relying on humans for their care. They didn't ask to be brought into your home. Do the right thing and at least allow them out of their cage.
Take them into the bathroom and allow them out of their cage at least once a day. They will tire out quickly and then replace them back in their cage.
Good Luck!
Every day. Let them play around on top of the cage. Thats what my keets do. They love the cage so they only fly a few feet from the cage. Yep my parents hate it when they are out as well,but oh well it's the keet that matters right?
depends on the size of the cage and the number of birds. parakeets are very active birds if the cage is long enough and large enough for them to move freely you don't have to let them out never put any more than 2 birds per cage
You need to make sure they get out atleast 1 hour aday. Now i know no one will do this to a T but try your best! And you are right they MUST get out alot. Just clip their wings and put a towel down. They also sell these big cage liners, you can put them on the floor and throw them away. Their made by Hartz. i got them in my local Genuardis Store.

Hope this helps,
Cockatiel Expert
Yes, it is very important that you let your bird out of it's cage so he/she can become used to your touch and voice.
It is also very important that in whichever room you plan to let them out in, make sure all windows and doors are closed so you can keep a watchful eye on your bird.
Make sure that you have no items that they can get hurt with. Parakeets are curious little creatures, and they will be attracted to anything that sparks their minds.